Firefox 2.0 is here

November 1, 2006 at 4:43 am Leave a comment

Complete with bells and whistles, the new Firefox browser was launched within days of IE7. I’ve been a big fan of Firefox for over a year but unfortunately some web developers are slow to catch up and I still have to use IE to do any administration on the College’s website. That is, however, the only time I do use it. Here is an excellent review by Percy Cabello Firefox 2 Review
Although Firefox now has some of the old extensions built in there are still people out there who love creating add-ons to give it even more functionality. There are currently 491 Firefox extensions! They can be found at The Extensions Mirror.
In Cybernet Technology News I read “Two of Firefox’s slogans are “the browser you can trust” and “safer, faster, better” but maybe we can beef up the security a little more with the help of Firefox extensions. You can do everything else with extensions so why should adding more security and a little privacy be any different?” See the article and Security and Privacy extensions here

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