Heresy – and more

January 31, 2008 at 2:11 am Leave a comment

Roddy McLeod did me the complement of mentioning my blog in Information World Review at I have let him down I think by not touching my blog for the past two months – partly because I have been away on holiday but also because things seemed to get on top of me towards the end of the year. Hopefully I will be able to continue this year and maintain a standard that readers deserve.

The February edition of the Internet Resources Newsletter is out, always a useful source of information.

I wrote a draft entry yesterday but when I went in to finish it this morning the page was blank. That’s most annoying as I had posted about several items of interest that I found in mt RSS feeds on my return to work and now can’t remember what they were.

Two of my shared items relate to the library of the future and the way in which we should be heading. Pipe dreams for some but goals to which we should aspire. I particularly like the ideas in TTW Mailbox: Heretical Ideas in Library School in which students were asked to submit way-out ideas for a library service and these were subsequently discussed in class. We need more heresy in libraries to get away from our stereotypical images.

My friend Pauly in Second Life writes an IT Solutions blog in which he gives advice on optimising your enjoyment of Second Life as well as the stability of running the virtual world with fewer crashes.


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