Titles that attract the reader

September 5, 2008 at 11:11 am Leave a comment

Blog titles are , in the main, not very imaginative unless the writer is an accomplished journalist. Yet titles are very important in attracting a reader to see the pearls of wisdom one may have penned in a blog. I realised just how important they are when I saw the contents page of a new book The Revolution Will Not Be Downloaded edited by Tara Brabazon, Oxford: Chandos, 2008, ISBN: 9781843344599.

These delightful chapter headings make this book quite irresistible and it will definitely be on my list of purchases and required reading.

Part One: Scanning the silences

Access denied
Restless redundancy
Wiring God’s waiting room: the greying of web literacy
Cash for corporeality: international students and the wealth of transgression

Part Two: Downloading harmony

He who pays the piper must call the tune?
The ultimate mix: try before you buy
Record companies vs. technology

Part Three: Uploading identity

Putting their life on(the)line: youth and blogging identity
Is it all bad? Japanese suicide culture
Traveller’s weblogs: why blog?
eBay: marketing the real body in the virtual world
Cyber sluts: the new Victorians
The I in community: it’s all about ME in gaydar’s global gay diaspora

Part Four: Packet switching resistance and terrorism

Information at the speed of thought
Keeping an eye on Big Brother
Speed kills: terrorism on the internet
Conclusion – what do you do with the other one in a duo?

I’d love to see suggestions from others of titles that you have found particularly good for attracting readers.

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