24 Words the CED Wants to Exuviate (Shed)

Here are a list of words the Collins English Dictionary wants to discard to make room for up to 2,000 new entries.

Abstergent: Cleansing

Agrestic: Rural

Apodeictic: Unquestionably true by virtue of demonstration

Caducity: Perishableness

Caliginosity: Dimness

Compossible: Possible in coexistence with something else

Embrangle: To confuse

Exuviate: To shed

Fatidical: Prophetic

Fubsy: Squat

Griseous: Somewhat grey

Malison: A curse

Mansuetude: Gentleness

Muliebrity: The condition of being a woman

Niddering: Cowardly

Nitid: Bright

Olid: Foul-smelling

Oppugnant: Combative

Periapt: An amulet

Recrement: Refuse

Roborant: Tending to fortify

Skirr: A whirring sound, as of the wings of birds in flight

Vaticinate: Prophesy

Vilipend: To treat with contempt

By William Lee Adams.
Find this article at: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1847042,00.html

I must admit I had never heard of any of them before reading this list but now I’ve seen them would love to try adding them to my conversation. Would they have an abstergent effect on the calignosity of my griseous vocabulary?


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Meta Makeover Report

My SL house has received its meta-makeover. The first designer who was assigned me produced some furniture that I thought entirely unsuitable for a beach house so he went off in a huff and we were left with very little time to collaborate with a new one (of my own choosing). Added to this, I was away for a few days last week with no access to SL so everything had to be done in record time after my return.

Ravyn Hynes, the new designer, had some lovely ideas and we worked together to produce a complete change to the look of my house. Then the TV team moved in. We had a rehearsal on Monday morning (5:00am my time) and worked out our positions and what we were going to say and filming was done on Wednesday (starting at 4:00am in Western Australia). I was amazed at the number of people involved. Just as in a RL situation there were sound, lighting and camera technicians as well as a continuity person and probably others whose function was unknown to me.

Shortly before filming started a Demon Queen landed near us and proceeded to vomit blood all over the clean pool deck. Luckily she departed as suddenly as she had arrived – and didn’t time her appearance for the middle of the show. Pity I was so flabbergasted I didn’t take a picture of her!

After the makeover

After the makeover

The Interior

The Interior

View from the Front

View from the Front

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Gooey Grandmother

I have recently returned from a short trip to Melbourne to visit my very new granddaughter who was born last Sunday. Trinity is an adorable scrap of humanity and I just couldn’t get enough of cuddling her. She is the first girl in our family for 3 generations and will be very spoiled, I’m sure; it’s just a pity that I live so far away and will be a virtual stranger to her for most of her childhood.

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My Meta-Makeover

The coming weekend is a long weekend in Western Australia and I have to empty my home to allow an interior designer to take over and give it a meta-makeover. Not my real home, fortunately or unfortunately, this makeover will occur in Second Life.

Recently a new acquaintance visited my SL home and immediately commented that she could tell from the furnishings that I was old and married. That may be true but in Second Life I want to cast off the stereotypes of age and present a younger, more vibrant look. I wrote to the SL magazine, PrimPerfect, and asked for their help and the staff there jumped at the challenge.

Designer Xylo Hasp has visited our home and we have given him free rein to do as he pleases, with the proviso that, if we don’t like it, he will make changes. I’ve even promised not to peek all weekend. Last night the magazine editor, Saffia Widdershins, arrived to take a few pre-makeover shots and we had a lovely long chat about what she plans for a TV presentation to be aired in about 10 days time.

What fun it will be to see the results, though I do wonder whether Xylo’s ideas and mine will agree. I will paste more pics here when it is done and give a link to the TV presentation too.

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Fame or Infamy

I had a look at the library blog search engine Libworm this morning and did a search for “virtual worlds“. Guess whose blog entry came up at the top of the results?

I have never been one to try to get to the top of any search ranking and was pleasantly surprised to see this. I’m currently doing research to try and find what other TAFE colleges are doing in Second Life or other virtual worlds and would love to hear from colleges in Australia who are dipping a toe in the water.

The Australian Police Force is planning to conduct recruitment interviews in Second Life which may make our management think twice about dismissing it as “just a game”. I have read that the British Police ran a similar experiment recently and, although they din’t actually employ any of the people they interviewed in the virtual world, it certaimly raised the level of awareness of their recruitment drive.

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Killer Powerpoint

Instead of “Death by Powerpoint”, here are some tips on improving your presentations:
Slide Tips: Dodging Bullet Points in Powerpoint Presentations – Dave Yewman. We’ve all sat through lengthy presentations full of bullet points and many of us have determined that our presentations will not fit into that category. These are some ways of ensuring that we don’t fall into that most common of traps and also many other tips showing how to make the most of Powerpoint.

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What about the “Other Stuff”?

It’s time I started a few non-library realted posts and what better way to begin than with Fathers’ Day last Sunday. It was a beautiful sunny day and the extended family met for breakfast at Hillary’s Boat Harbour. We found a table for 9 overlooking the sheltered bay and a few expensive-looking yachts and were entertained by the antics of the ever-hungry seagulls.

I am blessed with two wonderful sons and their equally wonderful wives. One couple lives in Melbourne so wasn’t able to join us but G & R, their sons J and K and her parents L & G as well as my mum and my husband were all there. After breakfast which the menfolk had no difficulty downing but which the ladies struggled to finish we repaired to G & R’s house to inspect his father’s day present – a new trampoline. The young boys are, of course, “allowed” to use it and are even encouraged by being offered extra computer or TV time for every hour they spend on the trampoline. Mum’s oven timer has never seen so much use!

G spends a lot of time with his boys encouraging them to cycle, run, surf and play sport. He is also studying part time and has one more unit to complete his MBA. Hope he maintains his unblemished record of distinctions for the last unit. He has also recently been promoted to general manager of his organisation. Added to that he is tall, blonde, well-built and good looking – really a son to be proud of (I’ll talk about the other handsome son nex post, maybe).

His wife, R, is building up her clothing business making and supplying ecologically friendly children’s clothes. I saw her collection on a rack in the living room and was charmed by the innovative designs. She is preparing for a stall at a craft fair at Perth City Hall on Sunday – look out for JacKai Designs.

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