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Virtual worlds

The Association of Virtual Worlds has just released its new title The Blue Book: A Consumer Guide to Virtual Worlds listing over 250 virtual worlds and is pleased to offer it free to anyone who is interested in the rapidly growing field of virtual worlds.

Download it as a zip file and open it in .pdf. You will be rewarded with 43 pages of definition, explanation and links to all the virtual worlds currently available.


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Web 2.0 distractions

I was asked to do my standard presentation on Wikis and Blogs yesterday but “to make it fun”. Well, these workshops are always fun but I thought that I could provide a new slant on this one by running through a few Web 2.0 applications and letting participants make whatever use of them they could.

I gave everyone the following handout and we worked together through each of the activities, referring along the way to what other people (myself included) had done with the tools available.

What are we doing here?


Create a Google account


Create an iGoogle page


Add elements to your iGoogle page


Create a Blogger account
Write about what you hope to achieve today


Create an avatar — a representation of yourself. Go to ; design an avatar with a funky background. (You will have to set up an account if you don’t use Yahoo!) Save your avatar and export to your blog.


Create a reader and add some RSS feeds


Create an account, find some friends and send them a message.





Picasa – organise your pictures

Participants were fully absorbed throughout and I had to get stroppy to get them to stand up after a couple of hours to help themselves to coffee and biscuits.

These are only some of the activities that we do in the 23 Things programme. I’m still thinking of rolling it out to the whole college but also struggling against lack of support for such “distractions”.

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Getting ready for the New World

I am forever shouting the praises of Second Life in which I can learn, create, socialise and play. I joined a year ago today and my avatar took her first steps inworld when we studied a course in Virtual World Librarianship. This was so rewarding that I then went on to do the Intermediate course and have registered for Working with a Class in Second Life next month.

If you don’t know what all the hype is about read Second Life – what is the hype? a new post in the blog. The writer claims that Education is one of the most progressive fields in SL and while I am still hoping that one day my college will see the light, I am preparing to offer training to our lecturers to get them ready for the new wave.

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Dancing Librarians

The Infomaniacs in Second Life are a fun-loving, stimulating group of people and I am honoured to be one of their number. Here we are dancing in our new clubhouse. I’m the first avatar to appear in the clip.

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Second Life demo

I did a demo of Second Life for Adult Education Week recently. There was a disappointing turnout – I don’t think it was promoted very well – but the 1 lecturer, 2 psychologists and a smattering of Library staff who attended were entertained and, I think, persuaded to try it for themselves. I was lucky to come across a couple of avatars in a library in SL and one of them entertained us by turning himself into a multi-coloured dragon and several other incarnations. I get a lot of pleasure out of this programme and am doing another virtual librarianship course starting in next week. There is so much to learn about the world and how to do things in it. My new home PC is in for repairs (it went into a regular reboot cycle and couldn’t get started) so I am currently unable to visit SL from home. It’s very frustrating. Can’t play Oblivion either and am having to spend more time on housework!!

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Who am I?

As part of the 23 Things programme that I am coordinating for my college I started playing around with avatars from Yahoo earlier this week. Here is my avatar:

Yahoo! Avatars
She’s quite unlike the character I play in Oblivion (blonde, fair-skinned, delicate-looking but a champion fighter with “hands like a smith” or my Second Life avatar (she changes virtually every time I go in-world as I have an amazing array of free hairstyles, skins and clothes in my inventory as well as the ability to change my appearance at will). It’s sometimes hard to come back to reality and look at myself in a real-world mirror.

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