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Moving House

This morning I transferred my blog to WordPress because I have seen much discussion online about various blogging platforms and want to try some of them out for myself. I have also been given the task of facilitating the library blog when my new website goes live. This is something for which I have been agitating for some time and at last the opportunity arises. Consequently, most of my library musings and discoveries will transfer to the new, as yet unnamed, blog and I can keep this one for more personal commentary.

My personal life has changed dramatically in the past few weeks. My mother, who came to live with me 8 years ago, has moved into a home and my man and I have the house to ourselves at last. Mum resisted and shed many private (and not so private) tears but the stress of having her constantly around was too much for us and our sanity. I found her a room in a retirement village surrounded by attractive gardens. Four other people share the cottage and they have all their needs provided, as well as there being someone to talk to whenever anyone is lonely, and she can keep many of her possessions in her room. At 96 mum is lucky to still have all her faculties and be relatively healthy but the time will come when she needs more care and I think she is lucky to have found such an attractive new home.

My man and I are able to do little things that we haven’t done for years such as go out for a cup of coffee, have a meal alone together at a restaurant and eat spicy foods at home. There are no restrictions on when we can go out, when we must be home or whether we can run around the house naked (though Perth in mid-winter is not conducive to that).


August 1, 2008 at 4:13 am 1 comment