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My Meta-Makeover

The coming weekend is a long weekend in Western Australia and I have to empty my home to allow an interior designer to take over and give it a meta-makeover. Not my real home, fortunately or unfortunately, this makeover will occur in Second Life.

Recently a new acquaintance visited my SL home and immediately commented that she could tell from the furnishings that I was old and married. That may be true but in Second Life I want to cast off the stereotypes of age and present a younger, more vibrant look. I wrote to the SL magazine, PrimPerfect, and asked for their help and the staff there jumped at the challenge.

Designer Xylo Hasp has visited our home and we have given him free rein to do as he pleases, with the proviso that, if we don’t like it, he will make changes. I’ve even promised not to peek all weekend. Last night the magazine editor, Saffia Widdershins, arrived to take a few pre-makeover shots and we had a lovely long chat about what she plans for a TV presentation to be aired in about 10 days time.

What fun it will be to see the results, though I do wonder whether Xylo’s ideas and mine will agree. I will paste more pics here when it is done and give a link to the TV presentation too.


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Relay for Life in Second Life

People often wonder whether Second life has any use other than enjoyment and entertainment. There are, of course, may educational institutions who maintain a presence and conduct classes. The Second Life Library is a flourishing community dedicated to helping people find information on a wide variety of subjects and many businesses had established themselves there.

Second Life residents also support several charities, one of which is Relay for Life. Events are planned throughout the world culminating in the 24 hour relay scheduled for this weekend. Apart from the relay 33 sims have events planned to educate and entertain you and encourage you to part with your lindens

In 2004 Second Life’s Relay For Life Gala raised US$2,000.00

In 2005 Second Life’s Relay For Life raised US$

In 2006 Second Life’s Relay For Life raised US$41,000

In 2007 Second Life’s Relay For Life raised US$118,500

That gives Relay a grand total of having raised US$166,500.00 in Second Life for the American Cancer Society.

In 2008 as of July 13 Relay For Life of Second Life has raised US$160,128.92

So this year already the total raised is almost as much as the combined total of the previous four years. I have several friends who are or were stricken with this dreaded disease and I’ll be there to help raise money for cancer research in the hope that one day the world will be cancer-free. If you attend and see my avatar Galia Beck please stop me and say “Hi!”.

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Tips and Tricks to Create a Learning Space in Second Life

50 Tips and Tricks to Create a Learning Space in Second Life is the title of a blog post by Laura Milligan at This is a wonderful resource for anyone looking for ideas for teaching in SL. My college is still reluctant to try this new technology but I live in hope.

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Bored? Never!

What does one do when stuck at home recovering from minor foot surgery? I caught up with some reading and finished the Life of Pi, spent many hours in Second Life and also played with StumbleUpon and discovered many fascinating new sites. If you haven’t used StumbleUpon you are denying yourself hours of entertainment and finding sites that other people have considered noteworthy (yes, it’s one of these new-fangled Web 2.0 tools again).

Some of the pages I discovered are listed below:

15 Handy Google Search Tricks
Most of us use Google but here are several built in functions within Google which make searching even easier. Learn how to use Google as a calculator, a dictionary, a currency converter and for several other useful field searches.

Maximize Firefox Without Extensions Using about:config
If you type about:config in your address bar, Firefox opens the master directory of user-defined preferences and built-in settings. The ultimate arena for performance tampering, the about:config settings are the foundation for programming Firefox extensions.

The caffeine click test
where I found out that my caffeine level for the day was High – Well Caffeinated & Easily Excitable.

This May Help Your Firefox Memory Leak is an excellent blog post that details how to reduce Firefox’s high memory use.

The search engine list is a list of umpteen search engines sorted by genre. I must admit that I have never heard of most of them but one day it will be fun to play around and see how they compare. There are special search engines for news, medical, maps, legal, jobs, games, enterprise, blogs – and many more.

5 Ways to copy music OFF your iPod. I have moved office to one with a new computer and my music folder was not transferred with me. I have all these tunes on my iPod and want to be able to edit and re-organise them, so what am I to do? It’s easy enough to copy music (or videos) from computer to iPod, but not the other way. Luckily this site has come to my rescue.

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Getting ready for the New World

I am forever shouting the praises of Second Life in which I can learn, create, socialise and play. I joined a year ago today and my avatar took her first steps inworld when we studied a course in Virtual World Librarianship. This was so rewarding that I then went on to do the Intermediate course and have registered for Working with a Class in Second Life next month.

If you don’t know what all the hype is about read Second Life – what is the hype? a new post in the blog. The writer claims that Education is one of the most progressive fields in SL and while I am still hoping that one day my college will see the light, I am preparing to offer training to our lecturers to get them ready for the new wave.

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Dancing Librarians

The Infomaniacs in Second Life are a fun-loving, stimulating group of people and I am honoured to be one of their number. Here we are dancing in our new clubhouse. I’m the first avatar to appear in the clip.

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Heresy – and more

Roddy McLeod did me the complement of mentioning my blog in Information World Review at I have let him down I think by not touching my blog for the past two months – partly because I have been away on holiday but also because things seemed to get on top of me towards the end of the year. Hopefully I will be able to continue this year and maintain a standard that readers deserve.

The February edition of the Internet Resources Newsletter is out, always a useful source of information.

I wrote a draft entry yesterday but when I went in to finish it this morning the page was blank. That’s most annoying as I had posted about several items of interest that I found in mt RSS feeds on my return to work and now can’t remember what they were.

Two of my shared items relate to the library of the future and the way in which we should be heading. Pipe dreams for some but goals to which we should aspire. I particularly like the ideas in TTW Mailbox: Heretical Ideas in Library School in which students were asked to submit way-out ideas for a library service and these were subsequently discussed in class. We need more heresy in libraries to get away from our stereotypical images.

My friend Pauly in Second Life writes an IT Solutions blog in which he gives advice on optimising your enjoyment of Second Life as well as the stability of running the virtual world with fewer crashes.

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