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On Librarian in Black I found mention of a great way to use a wiki in a Library. If Central TAFE were to run with this idea we could call it Centipedia. See the original blog to understand my reason for this suggestion.


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Collaboration (again)

Central TAFE librarians have been busy since the start of semester teaching information literacy skills to many of the new students enrolled throughout the college. We have a good team and have developed (and share) some useful tools to make our jobs easier.

On the theme of collaboration (mentioned in my previous post) I came across an email that I sent myself last year relating to collaboration via wiki with librarians everywhere, as well as the video tutorials mentioned in the first paragraph.

Techtorials via LibrarianInBlack by Sarah Houghton-Jan on 11/29/07

Here’s another technology tutorial website for your toolkit, either for staff or user training. We all need to know computer stuff, right? Right!

Techtorials offers video tutorials for three applications: Adobe Photoshop, Irfanview, and 7-Zip. It’s not being updated frequently (last video was uploaded 7 months ago), but what is already there is quite useful–particularly the Photoshop tutorials. Take a look!

I think it would be lovely if libraries who have developed technology tutorials could contribute what they’ve made to this and other collaborative wiki-style tutorial sites. There are many, and sharing what we have is what it’s all about. While I’m at it, I’ll put in a plug for the Library Instruction Wiki, another place that libraries should be sharing any training materials created in-house (Word documents, Powerpoints, wikis, blogs, videos, screencasts, podcasts, anything).

We reinvent the wheel so much. We don’t need to. We just need to convince administrators to let us post things we’ve created, for the betterment of libraries and users everywhere. Good goal, right? But you’d be surprised how often administrators say that those materials cannot be shared because they belong to the library/city/county/university/school and are the property of its funders/taxpayers, not the “everybody” of the Web. Oy, the politics make my head hurt.

(Techtorials was found many months ago on eContent (can you tell I’m wading through my backlog of “stuff to blog”?))

Thanks to Sarah for blogging about this and bringing another blog and that useful wiki to our attention.

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Second Life @ Central?

We have been thinking about using virtual worlds for teaching at Central TAFE for several months and several lecturers are excited at the prospect – but so far we haven’t seemed to be getting anywhere. Now, however, things are beginning to move with the establishment of a wiki where we can share our thoughts and ideas.
I’ve been emailing interested people every relevant article I come across and really hope that Central can establish a presence in SL. I look forward to being able to do some training both in-world and on campus. It would be a shame if the virtual librarianship courses that I was lucky enough to attend were not put to good use.How my avatar has changed since those early days!

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Library Planning

The wiki is up for Central TAFE’s day of planning “To establish Library goals and projects to meet the College Strategic Plans for 2008”. The list of what we want to achieve is growing ever longer and I am afraid that, as was the case last year, few of these objectives will be realised.

I do hope our planning meeting doesn’t result in this:

Discussed on the blog Librarian in Black was Michael Stephens’s keynote address Ten Technologies: Ideas to Improve Library Productivity. There are some wonderful ideas and comments here – not least being his closing statements of library philosophy: Learn to Learn. Adapt to Change. Scan the Horizon.

Other ideas for library planning come from Katherine’s blog, Librarian’s Matter; David Lewis’ A model for academic libraries 2005 to 2025 and Part one and Part two of staff responses to the McMaster University Library Strategic planning process.

iLibrarian also has links to presentations from the Hawaii Library Association Conference.

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On Blogs, Wikis and RSS

Yesterday I presented 2 training sessions on blogs, wikis and RSS. The first was for staff at my college and I was pleased to see that our professional development sessions are being made available to staff at other colleges too – swelling attendance at this course by 3. However, had I known in advance, I might have planned for a generic login to be available instead of wasting time (mine and my students’) running around finding out how to log them into our network. We had fun and I was gratified to read the comments on the evaluation sheets. I hope I gave them all something that they can use both for work and for personal communication. They were so eager to get stuck into the practical part of the workshop that they didn’t even want to stop for tea and Tim-Tams.

That afternoon I repeated part of the session (blogs and RSS only) for a group of Library Studies students. This was at a different campus and I made the fatal mistake of leaving my nerdstick with all my presentations stuck in the pc where I did the first workshop. Fortunately I was able to download a copy from the shared drive and use a usb stick from lost property so the day was saved.

These students had a blogging assignment but I tried to give them more than just the basics. We discussed web 2.0 and library 2.0 which they claimed to have never heard about! I think I managed to get across the need for finding out for oneself about all the new tools and technology available and not just waiting to be told what is and is not important. To that end this blog post from LibraryCrunch and the accompanying comments make interesting reading.

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Latin anyone?

I didn’t study Latin at school because my father didn’t want me to suffer the way he had when studying the subject. However, my love of words and their origins has often made me regret that omission. One of my favourite daily emails is ‘A word a day‘ by Anu Garg (words at and in AWADmail Issue 275 he points us to an article about a Latin version of Wikipedia, Veni, Vidi, Wiki: Latin Isn’t Dead On ‘Vicipaedia’. This is a wonderful use of modern technology to discuss items of current interest in an ancient tongue.
Vicipaedia has 15,000 articles. Catullus, Horace and the Roman Senate all are there; so are musica rockica, Georgius Bush and cadavera animata, a k a zombies. You can read in Latin about hangman (homo suspensus), paper airplanes (aeroplanum chartaceum) and magic 8-balls (pila magica 8), as well as about famous Italians like Leonardo da Vinci and the Super Mario brothers.”

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Research Buzz newsletter

The Research Buzz newsletter always has so much of interest that I find it difficult to keep up. This week’s contribution includes:

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