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Where in the World?

You may not be looking for Wally, but have you ever looked for a library book that you know is shelved somewhere in your home collection but just cannot be found? The Shifted Librarian has some good suggestions.

Back on the subject of “Where’s Wally?”, we are experimenting with using jigsaw puzzles to attract students to the Library. The first one was a funny with a topical Olympics theme and soon had students and staff hooked – this 1000 piece puzzle was finished in 4 days. Students were torn between doing the puzzle and watching the Olympics live on the big screen set up for the purpose.The new one is a WASGIJ (if you don’t know what that is, find out). It is far more challenging but the students are again finding time to piece it together without the aid of a picture. We may be commanded to take it away soon because “libraries are not supposed to be places for having fun” but in the meantime I hope everyone gets a lot of enjoyment out of the idea.




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